2017 Harvest Update


This years harvest came in a little lighter than we had hoped, but we were happy to see the scorching heat wave with highs of up to 116 degrees in Sonoma County didn't damage our grapes. The fruit didn't shrivel up and our Brix and PH bounced right back.


All in all the 2017 growing season was a very interesting year. It was as unique as any I have seen in my time here in wine country. The bud set was affected by one day of hard hail which scared me to death for my little buds a blooming but ultimately there was no damage. The summer was moderately warm almost cool some days besides two beastly heat waves. We also had awkward days of rain followed by heat spikes which can cause a mold burst in the vineyards but didn't for us. We even had a Thunderstorm last week the morning after we picked the Pinotage!


When your in the wine industry and you depend on mother nature you take what she gives you and your grateful for it. We sure are happy the fruits in and doubly excited to see what the 2017 vintage will turn into in the long run. Please raise a glass with us this week and cheers to another great year!

Dave Leonard & BreAnna Murphy sorting Pinot Noir

Dave Leonard & BreAnna Murphy sorting Pinot Noir

Brandt Hoekenga